Have you tried having that sulfuric smell that really irritates your nose whenever you go to the restroom? The thing is you are probably experiencing some septic tank problems. Having septic tank problems can mean different things: water leaks, pungent smell, clogged drainage, and more. But yes, a sulfuric smell can be an indication of a septic tank problem. When you are experiencing this and need some septic tank pumping Bakersfield, we highly recommend that you contact a professional and trusted company to give you the necessary repair. This needs to be immediate as septic tank problems can cause different problems including health risks.  

What Happens When a Septic Tank Fail? 

It consistently releases fumes from the various gasses built and accumulated in the septic tank. Sulfide gas which smells like a rotten egg, and methane are two of the most common gasses that are released by a failing septic tank. Methane is flammable and toxic to living things including humans and animals while being exposed to sulfide gas can also cause irritation. There could also be airborne bacteria that you can obtain which can lead to a sinus infection and other respiratory illnesses. Aside from the gasses and the bacteria, a failing septic tank can also release molds in the air which can also be detrimental to those that have asthma. Molds can trigger allergic reactions like skin rashes, eye reddening, and other respiratory allergies. Medical expenses can be very expensive when you have to deal with these just because of a failing septic tank.  


How Can I Prevent Septic System Failure? 

There are many ways you can avoid having or worsening septic tank issues and also avoiding the potential health risks that it causes. The following can help you with it:  


Maintain your system by cleaning your bathroom and kitchen. This is important to keep your bathroom and kitchen clean. Clean spaces will cause less blockage to the pipes.  

Limit grease discharge. This is very important when you are fond of flashing everything in the toilet. This is a very wrong move. You cannot flush everything in the toilet as this will cause blockages. Also, grease can worsen the smell as well as the toxic gasses being accumulated in the septic tank. 


Avoid planting trees and plants near the septic tank system. Trees and plants have roots that expand and crawls in the soil. When they do so, they can potentially harm the septic tank to the point they can cause irreparable damage to it.  


Hire a professional service for thorough cleaning. While it is important to lean your bathroom and toilet on your own, it is still necessary that you let an expert do the job at least a few times in a year to ensure that your septic tank is all right and that damages can be repaired with the right tools and skills.  


If you are suspecting that your septic tank is failing, do not hesitate to call and ask for advice. When choosing a septic tank repair service or company, make sure that the company is reputable and provides high-quality service to avoid more problems and headaches.